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Prestigio Jewelers has THE BEST trade-in program in the jewelry industry.

Why Upgrade? It’s Always a Surprise when IT’S BIGGER!

Ever want to surprise her/him just because? There is an easy way to leave someone speechless, UPGRADE TO BIGGER!

The Details

When upgrading any Prestigio Jewelry (excluding watches and sunglasses), you’ll receive the full value you paid as credit toward the purchase of any other merchandise, double in value.

To trade-in any qualifying jewelry, simply choose any item/items with a value at least double your original purchase price, and only pay the difference from what you originally paid.

If done in store, simply bring in the jewelry you would like to trade-in and you can upgrade on the spot.

If done via mail, you will select the jewelry you would like to purhase. During checkout you will click trade-in and select the item/items you will be trading in for credit. Once the item/items are recieved (in like new condition) your account will be credited the original purchase price and you will only pay the difference for the upgrade.

Frequently asked UPGRADE questions

You will receive the full, original amount you paid toward the purchase of the new item/items. You will never receive less than what you originally paid (as long as your merchandise is not damaged and/or abused).

Because sunglasses and watches are not made with precious metals, we are unable to accept these items for trade-in or upgrade.

Gold and some precious metals which contain value we can/will purchase from you. We will offer you a trade-in allowance for your jewelry at current fair market value on your gold and diamonds. You may then use this allowance toward the purchase of any Prestigio jewelry.

You can trade-in any/all Prestigio Jewelry (excluding watches and sunglasses) for any item/items of your choice in any category. As long as the new purchase is double what you originally paid. For example, if you purchase a Diamond Wedding Set worth $1,000 3 years ago, you will need to select a Gold Chain (or any other item excluding watches/sunglasses) worth a minimum purchase price (pre-tax & warranty) of $2,000. You’ll receive a trade-in credit of $1,000 for your original Diamond Wedding Set and spend the remaining $1000 for the new Gold Chain.