Why Buy Your Jewelry From Prestigio?

Prestigio Jewelers has been family owned and operated for more than 28 years. We have a unique advantage over our competitors with an extensive knowledge in the jewelry industry. When you buy from a family-owned business you can be sure to receive attention to detail, the best pricing, easy payment plans, long lasting warranty and superior customer service.

Why use gold to make jewelry?

Gold is a very desirable precious metal; the appeal of gold is universal and timeless. Since gold can easily be hammered, bent, twisted and molded, it is perfect for creating all types of beautiful jewelry. Since gold in pure form is too soft to be used by itself, it is best to be combined with an alloy/base metal.

Creating styles for chains, necklaces, pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings are unlimited and is the perfect fit for any jewelry designer.

All gold jewelry can easily be polished to keep the luster of your gold looking like new, just like the first day you purchased it. All Prestigio Jewelers gold rings can be sized, soldered, etc.

Gold Purity

Pure gold is too soft to be used in everyday jewelry. The metal would bend out of shape and wear down quickly. Therefore, gold must be combined with an alloy or base metal to make it more durable. Copper, zinc, nickel and silver are all metals commonly mixed with gold for use in jewelry.

It is the amount of alloy mixed with the gold that determines the karat weight of gold, which is measured in 24ths. Pure gold is 24K. The composition of other grades, with the percentage of gold versus percentage of alloy expressed as a decimal, are:

U.S. Grades
.750 gold/.250 alloy
.583 gold/.417 alloy
.416 gold/.584 alloy

White, Yellow & Rose Gold

As an element, gold exists naturally only in its namesake color. It can be combined with alloys not only for strength, but to create intriguing colors and designs:

Yellow Gold
White Gold
Pink or Rose Gold
Copper and Silver
Nickel, Zinc and Copper

White, Yellow and Rose Gold are all beautiful color choices for your jewelry. At Prestigio Jewelers, we pride ourselves in providing you a large selection of jewelry to choose from in a variety styles and colors.

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Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver is a great alternative for everyday jewelry. Silver has a creative process for combining alloys to resist tarnishing which will help maintain the look and luster of its beauty. All Prestigio Jewelers Sterling Silver jewelry has been rhodium coated and will rarely require re-plating with rhodium if cared for correctly.

Traditional sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper with traces of nickel, which is what can cause an allergic reaction in people with intense jewelry allergies. These allergies can be avoided through rhodium plating, since rhodium is hypoallergenic.

We pride ourselves in our variety of styles and superior craftsmanship when creating all our Sterling Silver Jewelry.

All Sterling Silver jewelry can easily be polished to keep the luster of your Sterling Silver looking like new, just like the first day you purchased it. All Prestigio Jewelers silver rings can be sized, soldered, etc.

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Titanium is a lightweight metal that has great strength and will not tarnish or rust. It won't cause irritation or discoloration of the skin, making it ideal for sensitive skin types.

Titanium is a popular choice because it is strong and hypoallergenic, and will last a lifetime.

Titanium will almost never break or bend, though it can scratch. Titanium cannot be sized, soldered, etc.

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Cobalt doesn't chip or shatter and is hypoallergenic. It looks and feels like white gold but is a cost-effective alternative. Cobalt neither fades nor tarnishes and can be easily polished using platinum polishing techniques.

Cobalt will almost never break or bend, though it can scratch. Cobalt cannot be sized, soldered, etc.

How does cobalt compare to tungsten and titanium?

The weight of cobalt bands falls between tungsten and titanium bands. Cobalt is heavier than titanium but slightly lighter than tungsten. As a result, they are extremely comfortable to wear. Cobalt bands have tremendous strength, these bands will not crack. Cobalt's hardness and durability has proven to be more scratch-resistant than precious metal wedding bands. Because of their hardness and durability, they are less likely to crush or bend out-of-round.

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