We GUARANTEE everyone that is at least 18 years of age or older a line of credit. With a valid form of I.D and 6-months proof of income (paycheck stub or 1099). No credit, Bad Credit, Even Bankruptcy! We are here to help you establish or reestablish your credit!*

You can be approved for a credit between $400 and $10,000.

We will only deny you a line of credit if you have not been employed for at least 6 months, or if you are currently filing for bankruptcy and/or your case has not been completed or discharged.

Driver’s License, Government Issued Identification Card, Matricular Consular Card, Passport

Paycheck Stub, Letter from SSI/AFDC or 1099 (if you are self-employed).

Our in-store accounts currently cannot be seen online.

Yes! All payments for your online account will be set up for automatic payments. If you need to change your card information or want to make an additional payment at any time you can do so through your login.

Store Info

All our stores are located in Northern California. Please visit Our Locations tab for a list of locations.

Our website and local stores share a live inventory, meaning all the items displayed throughout our locations will be shown online for purchase. Most of the items will be available at most local store locations. There are some instances where an item shown online is not available in every local store location. You can always request an item that you see on our website for purchase and we can deliver it for showing in 3-5 business days.

Simply contact your local store location and provide a sales associate with the information (SKU # and Description) our associates are always happy to assist you. You also have the ability to buy online and pick up in store, if the item isn’t there already, we will gladly transfer it to that store for you.

Jewelry & Services

Your 4-month cleaning and inspection will take approximately 10-15 minutes in-store. The process includes a high polishing with our buffing wheel followed by a deep cleaning with our high powered ultrasonic. This helps remove dirt, oil and other residue that may be stuck in the cracks and crevices of your jewelry. Finally, a light scrub and a nice steaming to bring back the luster of your jewelry. Once the deep cleaning if complete our sales associates will inspect the jewelry for any preventative maintenance that may need to be performed. If maintenance is recommended this will take up to 2 weeks with our local jeweler. If your warranty inspection is being mailed in it will take approximately 2-3 business days (this does not include shipping time to or from our office).

Every job is different when it comes to the timeframe of work. Most jewelry should take no longer than two weeks with our jeweler to fix (this does not include shipping to or from our office). We do our best to fix every repair in a timely fashion, take into consideration we want to make sure your jewelry is in perfect condition before we return it to you. (Watches can take up to 6 weeks, this is the only repair that we will need to ship to the manufacturer and is out of our control for parts and servicing).

We offer outside repairs for jewelry if you are close to one of our store locations and are available to bring in your jewelry. We do not offer outside repairs for mail in services.

You can choose your ring size at the time of purchase. If you have already purchased your ring and would like to have it resized, you can send in your ring for repair through the repair section inside of your online account.

When upgrading any Prestigio jewelry (excluding watches and sunglasses), you’ll receive the full value you paid as credit toward the purchase of any other merchandise, double in value. Simply login to your account and follow the steps to upgrade your jewelry.

We have a no return, no cash refund policy. However, we will allow you 30 days to do an even exchange, as long as the merchandise is in new condition and has not been worked on by any jeweler outside of Prestigio Jewelers. For more information visit our Returns/Exchanges tab.

All orders shipped to our store locations do not receive a shipping fee. However, any orders shipped to your home will receive a flat $20 shipping fee and cannot be reimbursed.

Each one of our natural diamonds is carefully handpicked and inspected by our in-house diamond experts. All our GIA and or IGI certified diamonds are inspected by third party diamond experts and will come with a certificate. The certificate will show the exact shape, weight, color, and clarity of your specific diamond purchase.

All Ladies rings will start at a standard size 7. All Gents rings will start at a standard size 10.

All our rings and chains are associated with a millimeter width (MM) in the title of the item or in the product description. If you are unsure of the width on a particular item that we sell you can always call our online help line (209) 400-8864 or one of Our Locations.

All our pendants are associated with a millimeter size (MM) in the title of the item. The MM size will show the height and width in millimeters. If you are unsure of the size on a particular item that we sell you can always call our online help line (209) 400-8864 or one of Our Locations.

Gold Buying

Yes, we currently offer a gold buy program for all jewelry purchased from us or not purchased from us. Simply visit the We Buy Gold section on our website and request a free “Gold for Green” mail in packet. Or you can visit any of Our Locations and we can buy your unwanted gold and pay cash on the spot. We guarantee you we will beat any prices you have received.